The Fall of Gondolin

unofficial supplement for the GW's LOTR BSG

Frequently Asked Questions

This page will hopefully answer some common questions about the supplement.

Q- I can't download the supplement, why isn't it working?

A- It's uploaded onto two file sharing sites, if too many people are downloading it at once you may have trouble. Try again within an hours time or so.

Q- What format is the supplement in, and what do i need to open it?

A- It's a .PDF file and can be viewed by using Adobe Reader found here;

Q- Shouldn't it be Thorondor not Throndor?

A- Yes, yes it should! (bloody proof reader)

Q- Turgon is the Lord of the Folk of the King, does that mean he follows the 'Lord of the House' rule on page 15.

A- No.

Q- Turgons special rule for Glamdring is different to the rules that Gandalf has- isn't it the same sword? Shouldn't it follow the same special rules?

A- It is the same sword- these rules were created using the Return of the King rules so i completly made up the Glamdring rules for Turgon. It is upto players as to which rule to use

Q- Can i use the stats for Glofindel, Lord of the West from the Fall of the Necromancer supplement?

A- No, we presume he isn't as mighty back in the good old days!

Q- Idril's special rule the The Elessar states Heroes in base contact with Idril, including Idril herself, are given +1 fate without exceeding their original starting value. Does this mean they get one fate per turn

A- No, it should read Heroes in base contact with Idril, including Idril herself, are given +1 free fate point per turn.

Q- How come the balrog warrior has strength 9 when gothmog has only strength 8, should he be stronger?

A- In the production process i forgot to update this profile, this is the updated version;
(note the point value change)

If you have any questions that aren't covered here please email me